Social Media Marketing

Glocal Strategy & Engagement

The dynamic of the changes in the ecosystem of Social Media, on the global scale as well as in each country or language separately, can make anyone dizzy. New media and new Social Media tools keep popping up, while the existing ones keep being developed and improved on their way to perfection.

A variety of forms, diversification of functionalities and the ability to effectively use of Social Media to establish a dialogue and engage the audience is an unprecedented challenge.

  • Social Media Strategy & Planning

    Cross Platform & Marketing Strategies Integration

  • Social Media Content Development

    One Voice, Fresh & Relevant, Mobile Friendly

  • Social Media Engagement

    Plan, Diversification, Sharing, Advertising

  • Social Media Measurement

    Analyze, Optimize, Refine, Iterate

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Listening, Crisis Management, Reporting