Digital Marketing Strategy

Building Strategy

Deep dive and in-depth understanding of local specifics: culture, habits and preferences.

Our knowledge of countries, regions and local circumstances let us develop true empathy with locals
and ability to communicate in their native language. This way we can simply become
a true member of the very local community.

Creating  global digital marketing strategy is a challenge today-no matter if have operate in 2 countries or 100. You always need all the below mentioned elements – but with the local feel.

  • Competitive and industry analysis

    Global & Local Competition, Audience, Online Partners, SWOT

  • Goals & Objectives Setting

    Vision, Mission, KPI's, Business Analysis, Budget, Roadmap, Planning

  • Brand Strategy Development

    Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Architecture, Brand Platform

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Digital Marketing Funnel, Omni-channel experience, Buyer Personas

  • Multi Channel Resourcing

    Web, Mobile, Social, Reach, Act, Convert, Engage