Video marketing


Video is omnipresent.

The impact of video connects, engages, and makes a conversion

from watching customers into paying customers.

Video content is a must element in Digital Marketing Strategy. Contains all that is desired – image, sound, text and motion. Video conversion rates perform significantly better than other marketing content.

Audiences appreciates video content – 10 times more engaging, sharing, embading and commenting than blogs or social posts.

  • Video Marketing Strategy

    Research, Branding, Ideation, Publishing plan, Storytelling, Call-To-Action

  • Video Production

    Script writing, Pre-production, Production, Post-production

  • Video Promotion

    Publishing, Distribution, Syndication, Advertising

  • Video Management

    Video SEO, Integration across platforms, Hosting management

  • Video Efficiency Measurement

    Tracking, Measuring, Analyzing, Optimizing