Digital marketing strategy

Multiple countries and languages

You have only one marketing team, but operate in 1-2-15 and more countries. That is a real challenge for having your digital marketing activities the consistency and synergy. Having digital partners in CEE, Balkans, Russia and Central Asia countries, we work as an external marketing department for your brands.

Digital marketing strategies developed, managed and optimized to achieve the marketing objectives
for each one of the foreign markets.

Efficiency of investments in digital marketing is not just about local adaptation of global strategy anymore.

Managing localization of digital marketing in any foreign country is not about simple language translation

but it goes far beyond that.

SEO, content, tonality, sense of humor or cultural context are just a few dimensions.

Global versus local websites, social media site or structure and level of technologies adoption,
need to be carefully considered and properly implemented in management process.

  • International Digital Marketing

    Strategy & Planning, Localization, Management

  • Digital Activities Integration

    Cross-Channel Mix, Customer Journey

  • Digital Channels Optimisation

    Web Analytics, Big Data, Technology

  • Web Sites Design & Development

    Localization, Maintenance, Management

  • Online Advertising Campaigns

    Planning, Creation, Management, Optimization